How to Whiten Armpit With Quick And Easy

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 - Woman Health
Armpit is one part of the body that are covered and are rarely seen, but the armpits can also be seen when we wear a certain clothing, such as tank tops, dress, and so on. The problem that often arises is the growth of underarm hair and armpits blackened color. This can be caused by too frequent underarm shaving, buildup of dead skin cells, to use a deodorant that does not match your skin type. Some of the above factors are the main cause underarm skin becomes black and dull.

  Every woman would want to have a white underarm skin and free from armpit hairs are disturbing, it can be easily overcome with proper treatment. Ingi know more details on how to whiten underarms quickly and naturally? Please see more in the following article:


Lemon has the advantage to eliminate black spots and brighten skin tone dark underarms. How it is used is also fairly young, just by cutting a lemon into 2 halves, then rub the lemon on the armpit after every bath, and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Clean with clean water, should then use regularly after every shower.

    Coconut oil

Coconut is a fruit that contains vitamin E, coconut oil is very good so it is used to whiten black underarm skin. You do this by dripping coconut oil in orange peel, then rub it on the black underarm skin. Rinse thoroughly, do it every 1 week 2 times.


 This lime to whiten underarm skin is black just like lemon. You do this by mixing lime with betel leaf, then stir in 1 bowl until blended. Then apply on the skin of the armpit for 15 minutes. We recommend that you do every habus bath for 1 week in a row.


 Besides having properties to bleach the skin, it can also be useful potatoes to whiten underarm skin. How Peel the potatoes first, then wash, then puree using a grater, then paste the result grated on the armpit and wait until dry. Rinse with clean water.

    Baking Soda

 Baking soda helpful to remove dead skin cells and helping to make a brighter armpit and white. Quite easy just by rubbing baking soda in the bath on a regular basis every day, so the underarm skin will become bright and natural white.

Those are some ways to whiten underarm quickly and easily, hopefully the above simple way to help a friend in addressing the black underarm skin. Thank you and I’ll see you again next

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